When teaching your child to count here are some tips [via]:

1. Use wooden blocks and have your child build up the tower counting each one. Then after ten knock the tower down and laugh.

2. Counting while going up stairs with a child can be fun and good exercise

3. Start small with the 1, 2 concept (same object). Once your child grasps 2, go on to 3

4. Fingers work well

5. It is important that your child understand the concept of counting and not just the order

6. Alternate saying numbers and ask your child what comes next

7. Identify the childs age as (two) for example

8. Watch some kids counting videos

9. Have another child who can count do so for your child

10. Try singing counting songs

11. At the grocery story have your child count how many of each item is added to the basket

12. There is no better time to start introducing your child what numbers look like