Dishwasher salmon (results)

Ok, this just might be my last post if something went wrong in my first dishwasher salmon.

food 784 food 786

After sealing the salmon, onions and portobello in aluminum foil, off it went into the dirty dishwasher:

food 787 food 789

After the liquid detergent was added, it was time to say bye bye to the piece of salmon:

food 791 food 792

After 50 minutes….

food 793 food 794

And voila…. didn’t seem like any soap got in.
food 797 food 799

food 800 food 802

The salmon was unusually soft, most likely because I usually pan in high heat. Next time I think I would flavor it a bit more, but overall a success!!!  So are you going to try this at home? =)