Holy Burrito!

What do you call a burrito made for a pastor? Burrito Al Pastor? =P But seriously, there really is something called burrito Al pastor…I just found out today while looking up Mexican restaurants in Las Cruces:

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Mexican-style Al pastor meat is a dish similar to the Turkish doner kebab, Shawarma, or the Greek gyros. Usually pork, it is marinated with a blend of different spices and gravy, and then slowly cooked on a vertical rotisserie with a pineapple and onion on top. It developed in Mexico City, as a result of the adoption of the vertical rotisserie, used in the cuisine of Lebanese immigrants, by Mexican restaurants. When ready, the meat is then thinly sliced off the spit with a large knife. It can be served with small tortillas, onions, pineapple and cilantro. It is also a common ingredient in tacos, burritos, and tortas. Tacos al pastor, although less widely available than other styles in fusion Mexican cuisine, are one of the most popular in taquerias both in Mexico and US latino neighborhoods. [citation needed]

In Northern Mexico, like Nuevo Leon, these are usually called Tacos de Trompo.

Al pastor meat can also be cooked on a flat iron griddle after marinating. []

Also, bet you didn’t know burrito literally means little donkey in Spanish!!! =)