Hunger Challenge: surviving on $4.72/day

I’m doing something amazing!! I’m taking the Food Bank’s Hunger Challenge this weekend (September 11-17).  For one week, I’ll spend only $4.72/day on food — this is how much people on food stamps get.  I believe by experiencing this, I’ll be able to understand hunger in a more personal and realistic way.

Please join me in this very meaningful experiment!  I’ll be posting my meals and recipes each day…and if you have any great ideas for cheap and healthy meals, please post your comments below!

In San Francisco and Marin counties, an area overflowing with great food, there’s a little-known secret: 1 in 5 children, adults and seniors struggle with hunger every day.

Most of us wonder what we’ll be eating at our next meal, not if we’ll be able to eat when mealtime comes around. That’s why we invite you to participate in the 4th annual Hunger Challenge.

Could you eat on a food stamp budget? Just $4.72* per day? Try it — just for a week. And in the process you’ll help bring attention and support to the reality of hunger in our own community.

Our Hunger Challenge this September is a chance for you to walk in someone else’s shoes for just a week.   And when you talk to family and friends and share your experiences with others, you’ll help them understand why it’s important for all of us to help support the families who can’t feed themselves on a food stamp budget alone.

Hunger is a challenge. Are you up for it?

[via San Francisco Food Bank & Project Open Hand]