I â(TM)¥ Food, but not THAT much

I dunno, but I don’t think Kobayashi â(TM)¥ food…I mean, does he enjoy food at all? That’s just extreme eating…

INSANE: Kobayashi vs “Queen”Akasaka: 40 sushi and 140(70×2) gyoza


They seem to bet how many they can chug…and of course, Kobayashi wins…
Kobayashi does 25 coffee milk in 2:15! (that’s one bottle every 5.4 seconds!)



Anyway, so after watching Kobayashi eat like that, I thought I should see what it is like to eat so much…Off to WECK’S:

Weck’s Breakfast Lunch Catering

(505) 293-3154
1105 Juan Tabo Blvd NE
Albuquerque, NM 87112

Only serves breakfast and lunch:

I ordered the papa: a LOAD of hashbrown topped with a special order of 1/2 pollo & 1/2 carne adovado; 1/2 red chili & 1/2 green chili! Also comes with two eggs of your choice (OVER EASY!)…and at a very reasonable price of $7.29!!

Other dishes:

Hmmmm….so yummy!  (I was really really really full afterwards!)

There is no doubt Weck’s is a sure bet to fill your hunger…the portions are so big, you just might need to take half of it home! ^_^ Both meats (polo and carne adovado) I ordered were a joy in my mouth. Loved the two over easy eggs…their yolk flowing down onto the hashbrowns… HHHHHMMMMMMM!!!!! ^_^

I will definately go back to Wecks in the near future!

Hungry cactus’ final verdict: B+

Did I mention I played badminton afterwards? That’s another gross story I’ll save up for next time…

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