Japan: Izakaya

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Continuing our journey through Japan, Kenta’s dad generously treated us to one of his favorite meals at a local Izakaya.  Izakaya literally translates to “i” (to stay) and “sakaya” (sake shop), which is a place to grab a light meal and drinks.  Here are some of the highlights:

Motsunabe (もつ鍋) – Intestine pot made from beef and pork tripe or other offal.   It’s actually quite a warm and homey taste,  and great with beer during the winter times 🙂
Basashi (馬刺し) – raw horse meat! We tried 3 different cuts!  Pretty good!

Zousui (雑炊) is a Japanese rice soup made from pre-cooked rice and water. Not to be confused with Okayu, which is a similar but where the rice is cooked to a watery consistency.

Tarako (たらこ) is a salted roe food, usually made from Alaska pollock

Ikayaki (いか焼き) – a squid + egg dish

 Yakisoba ( 焼きそば) – Fried noodle

Karaage (唐揚げ) – Fried chicken

Look at all the regional drink menu! 
Hungry Cactus’s verdict: A
Thank you Mr. Oka for sharing your most favorite izakaya with us!  This was one unforgettable meal!
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