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Japan: Yoroniku

One of the most amazing meal I had in Japan was with our Tokyo experts Peter and Diana at Yoroniku, a yakinuku restaurant (grilled meats).  Wow!  I can confidently say that meal has surpassed everything I’ve ever experienced…and mind you, not the individual meats (which were very high grade), but the entire meal.  It has been meticulously orchestrated to absolute harmony.  The progression of boldly flavored meats with the carefully balanced lighter sides leaves you feeling just full while still refreshed…not something I’d expect from a meaty meal.

At ~$85 per person, it is a really great value for what you get.  While each person only gets one sample of each cut of meat, it’s more than enough.  Be prepared for your mind to be blown.

Address: Yoroniku よろにく: 6-6-22 B1F Minami-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Tele: 03-3498-4629

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Words can not explain what’s going on inside our mouths.

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Each meat is carefully cooked by the waiteryoroniku (5 of 19) yoroniku (13 of 19) yoroniku (14 of 19) yoroniku (15 of 19)

Cold noodles with wasabi – super refreshing!yoroniku (16 of 19)

This soup was deceptively simple, but is actually really amazing because the white flowers there are actually the remaining intestines after the umami has been extracted into the soup! WOW!yoroniku (17 of 19)

Hojicha flavored shaved ice (unsweetened) to end the mealyoroniku (18 of 19) yoroniku (19 of 19)

Hungry Cactus’ verdict: A+

I don’t what else to say.  I’ve been dreaming about Yoroniku ever since.