I’ve been thinking Swedish lately…here’s something I learned today: Matsack is Swedish for food!! =) Anyway the theme of this post is food, so here are two posts on food I forgot to post:

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Last year when I visited cali, uncle Bill, sis and bro brought me to a petite French cafe. Check out this tomato soup with a flaky crusted puff pastry top! The soup was just amazing…

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Simple dinners are the best because:

  • less time between when you cook and when you can actually eat
    • more time watching Netflix movies (United 93, Gattaca) =P
  • less ingredients = less preparations
  • less stuff to clean up!
  • less stress
  • less parallel processing

Here’s my way simple broccoli sausage capellini (Long strands of pasta that are very similar to Angel hair pasta, only slightly thinner. It is most suitable for use with light sauces). I had to dilute some (thick) left over portobello mushroom spaghetti sauce to make it work for this dish. Overall, yummy!

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