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Paintball ’07

Today after church I headed over to Oak Flats to meet up with coworkers…yep, it was time again for my yearly paintball experience!

~ ~ ~

Instead of the regular team elimination (where a team loses when all their teammates have been shot), I learned a new type of game play:

The Terminator

This is a nice game to end the day with. A few terminators (~2) start in the forest and wait for the other ~10 players to enter. You may think that’s unfair, but once a player gets shot by a terminator, they swap roles and become one of the terminators! Cool!

~ ~ ~

Here are some highlights of our paintballing experience – colorful splatters (HOT PINK!) all over you!

paintballing07 001 paintballing07 003

Here’s a shot of our group (no pun intended) — this was after ~4 games so you can tell we were tired. Zoom in to see my expression! =P

paintballing07 005

Oh, that’s Carol on the left — first time paintballer & manager at work!!!

Lastly if you were interested, a short background on how paintballs are made:


~ ~ ~

It can be scary at first, but paintball really is fun, especially when you play with people you know. Overall it was a blast (no pun intended again)!

Hungry Cactus’ final verdict: A