Please fasten your seat belts…

I usually plan my trips months in advance, but with only a few weeks before headed out to trip Germany & France, I suppose it turned out pretty awesome.  I’ll be sharing photos over the next few weeks of my adventure…hope you enjoy! =)

At SFO just before boarding my Lufthansa 11 hr. flight:


Immediately getting of the plane, I hurried over to the train station and waited for my 2 hour long train:


After a 30 minute taxi connection, I finally arrive at the small town of Duderstadt, Germany.  Here’s one of the churches at night:


Ending the night at Ratskeller (local restaurant):

Europe2011_066.jpg Europe2011_063.jpg

A small gem hidden away at the edge of town: the Westerturm museum of Duderstadt.  An absolutely immersive and interactive museum showcasing how the town defended against intruders back in the days.  Here I’m training at the crossbow simulator:


And even a rifle!  See the projector on the ceiling?  It projects the weapon crosshair onto the screen in front, just like playing on the Wii.


And it was fun getting lost around town:


Europe2011_044.jpg Europe2011_045.jpg

My journey continues….