Restaurant Review: Yen Ching

Yen Ching
4410 Wyoming Blvd NE
Albuquerque, NM 87111

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(505) 275-8265

Lunch sushi buffet is $16.95:


Check it out what we ordered!

Having a good time:

Hungry Cactus’ final verdict: A Oishi des!

No other Japanese sushi buffet in Albuquerque comes close to the quality of Yen Ching’s. In fact, I’ve never had better Kani (crab) before — a must order. Other good orders include the standard Unagi (eel) and Maguro (tuna). A little info re: maguro:

Tuna sushi is further broken up into subtypes, based on the fat content.

Akami (ah-kah-me) is the leaner meat from the sides of the fish. If you ask for ‘maguro’ at a restaurant, or order any kind of tuna roll or sushi without requesting ‘toro,’ you will get this cut.

Toro (toh-roh) is the term for the fatty part of the tuna, found in the belly portion of the fish. Toro is further broken up into two distinct subtypes, and they are more expensive due to their relative scarcity as a proportion of the entire fish. The two types of toro are:

Chutoro (choo-toh-roh), which is sometimes labeled chu-toro, is the belly area of the tuna along the side of the fish between the akami and the otoro. It is often preferred because it is fatty but not as fatty as otoro.
Otoro (oh-toh-roh), which is sometimes labeled o-toro, is the fattiest portion of the tuna, found on the very underside of the fish. This cut is fatty almost to the point of falling apart and can literally melt in your mouth.

Too bad they only had Akami at Yen Ching…Toro would have been nice. =)

Ah, eating a yummy sushi reminds me of all the good times watching Sushi no Shota and Kuitan =P

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