One year ago, a man’s fantasy became a reality in a forum never seen before: Kitchen Stadium, a 8′ x 9′ cooking arena in his cozy apartment. The motivation for spending his fortune to create Kitchen Stadium was to encounter new original cuisines which could be called true artistic creations. To realize his dream, he secretly started cooking various styles of cooking (though often failing), and dreamed to be an Iron Chef one day: an invincible man of culinary skills!  Kitchen Stadium is the arena where he await the challenges of other chefs from around the world. Using all their senses, skill, creativity, they are to prepare artistic dishes never tasted before….

..and today’s theme ingredient….RICE!

But wait!!!!!

How will the chefs cook their rice?  There are two rice cookers to choose from….


Left: Aroma ARC-1000 $30 @ Costco
Right: Tiger JAG-B18U $95 @ Costco

First thing you notice is the price difference — the Tiger rice cooker is 3 times the cost of the Aroma!  How can this be?  Let’s see if there is any difference.  Here’s a closeups of the controls…both of them full of features!

IMG_7345.JPG IMG_7346.JPG

Ok, so let’s cook some rice, and see if how they perform.


Taste test


On the left we have Aroma rice, surprisingly completed cooking a whopping 20 minutes before Tiger.  Rice tasted good, but is pretty standard.


…and on the right we have Tiger rice.  Having taken its time cooking, the rice came out soft, light and moist.  Most definitely better than Aroma when compared side by side.  But to be honest, I never put much thought into rice until today!  I’m enlightened! =)


To note, Tiger also handles cooking rice porridge and sticky rice etc.  Also has a countdown indicator when the rice is almost finished.

Hungry Cactus’ final verdict: Tiger

Tiger wins having produced better rice, has more functionality and of course, the irresistible Japanese cooker shape body!!!  But is Tiger worth the extra money?  Ultimately that’s your call…but I like it, and will use it from now on!

~ ~ ~

Here’s a worthy meal with Tiger rice!!!


Bon appetite!!! =)