I admit I’m a sucker for Rotibuns from HoneyBerry.  As such I tried making them last week…here’s a photo documentary of my first attempt!

The basics: flour, sugar, eggs, yeast etc…

Be patient while it rises…

Pipe the coffee glaze topping in a poo-like fashion over the dough…

Into the oven, and BEHOLD!  The topping melted evenly over the buns!  SO FREAKING COOL! =)

Unfortunately I did something wrong: the insides weren’t buttery and fluffy like HoneyBerry’s!  Booo….=(

HungryCactus’ verdict: C. Just like macarons, it was educational and rewarding to see  the entire process flow, but I’ve still got lots to learn to perfect this! =)  Until next time!!!!

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