SGUB: Part deux

Yep…just a few days after the last horrifying bug attack, I was hit again by this:

broccoli bug 004

Yep. A strawberry straight out of the box (unwashed). But what’s so horrifying about that???? (If you look close enough, you’ll spot it!) Apparently I’m not the only one that wants the sweet soothing taste in my mouth:

broccoli bug 003

[email protected]?#[email protected]!?%#@!##! Apparently washing thoroughly through all your fresh produce is a MUST now! [email protected][email protected][email protected]!#@!#@!

Apparently the bug wanted some strawberry, but stayed around a little too long while in the Costco freezers. It liked the strawberry so much it died stuck cold to it…kinda romantic, don’t you say? ;o|

Mom — I’m not eating anymore fruits or vegetables!!!!!!!!!