Tomato Bisque

Bisquea highly-seasoned thick, creamy soup, classically of puréed crustaceans, of French origin.

I finally tried making tomato bisque today. Looked up a few recipes and freestyled it. I was pleasantly surprised as it turned out pretty good! Next time, I’m going to try other bisque flavors such as salmon or mushroom.

The core ingredients I used this time were chicken broth, whole tomatoes and heavy cream. Of course you can add other ingredients (onions, carrots etc) to enhance the flavor…

Heat everything up, then puree it while it’s still hot.

Before (notice the chunks of tomatoes):

food 266

After puree (rich orange color):

food 267


food 268 food 269

Hmm hmm done!

If you’ve made bisque before, would you mind sending me your recipe? =) =) =)