Yeast Coast Trip (part 6)

New York Trip
Part 6: Day 4 – Monday

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Joseph: Monday morning began with us waking up and heading into Downtown Manhattan for a famous bagel place named…

me: Not sure if it really is famous, but it is the well known Ess a Bagel (not to be confused with the horrid Esca (See Part 5)!) 

Joseph: I think Ethan got pwnd because he asked for a suggestion of the best bagel they had and the guy ended up suggesting one of the more expensive bagels. haha.

me: I got a loaded lox bagel for $12…(the one on the left).  Joseph got a salmon cream cheese bagel (the one on the right).  I think I should have followed Joseph.

nyc 342


Funny side story, I wanted to use the restroom in their place but found that the door was locked. One employee told me to go to the counter to get the key, while the guy at the counter told me to go back to the restroom and look for the key behind the bench. Both were wrong, the key was missing apparently. After I went back and forth talking to all the employees, I gave up and starting heading back to my seat. One guy then stopped me and asked if I was the manager in charge of the place.

Joseph is a manager??? no wayyy! Tongue out  Joseph would have to look more like this to be a manager:


I gave a o.O expression, told him 'no', and asked him why he would think such a thing. He then told me that it was because I was talking to all the employees, asking them for the key and apparently I looked authoritative. I suspect it was because I was Asian too, but I wasn't even dressed appropriately.

I told Ethan this story and he laughed and took a picture of me pretending to order the employees around.
nyc 344
The real manager

 ~ ~ ~

nyc 347
NBC tour @ Rockefeller Center 

Anyway, afterward, we decided to make use of our New York Pass some more and headed over to NBC's Rockefeller Center to take the NBC tour. Once we got there, we saw that the Today Show was just wrapping up outside and one of its on-air personalities was there. Ethan and I both didn't know who she was, but later on we figured out it was Ann Curry. 

Here are a few pictures of the skating rink and the Nintendo Store next to the Rockefeller Center

nyc 352  nyc 353

The tour was actually quite good. We got to see the stages for Nightly News with Bryan Williams, Dateline NBC, and SNL. 

Saturday Night Live

The SNL stage was pretty small…surprising how they could fit all the skits onto it

Nintendo Store

I wanted to see Conan's set, but unfortunately, that wasn't part of the tour. The Nintendo Store was pretty cool. Lots of Nintendo DS's. Thanks for the recommendation DTing.

But no Wiis at that time


Afterward, it was getting close to lunch time, but Ethan and I decided to go on one more studio tour, which was the CNN tour. Along the way we passed by the David Letterman Studio.

…david letterman…booo!!! Furious

nyc 355
David Letterman Late Show Studio  

cnn panoramic
CNN tour @ Time Warner Studio (near Columbus Circl/Central Park)

Nothing to note about the CNN tour except Ethan thought the lady guide spoke in a very unique way. I think the word would be news-ish or 'affected'.

Lets just say her voice was very attractive.  Innocent

This... is CNN 

The tour was actually pretty much similar to the NBC tour, except Ethan decided to take an extra step and volunteer himself for the 'green screen' part of the tour.

Yep.  I had to show my courage! BE A MAN…DO THE RIGHT THING! Tongue out

Ethan got to read the teleprompter. That was amusing.

Another funny thing was when we asked our tour lady for directions to the hot dog place we were planning to go to for lunch and she started speaking like a normal person and not in the fluctuated over-enunciated manner she talked throughout the tour. (edited by me!!!!)

Grey's Papaya was our lunch destination and, oh man, this place is such a sweet deal.

SWEET DEAL INDEED.  Thanks to MIKE (again!) for this awesome lunch recommendation! 

For $3.00, I think you get two hot dogs and a drink. The drinks are super good and the hot dogs are super good. Much better than the street hot dogs we bought a couple days earlier. 

Check this out yo.  The hotdogs were crispy outside but moist and juicy inside.  You _can not_ beat this.  The yellow sign in the first picture below says it all.

nyc 366 nyc 360
Best hot dog in the world
The inside of Gray Papaya's is full of colorful signs!  Can you even see the menu?  I sure didn't…but who cares! I LOVE NEW YORK FOOD! Surprised
nyc 361  

We took a stroll through central park afterward…I think Ethan's legs were starting to kill him from all the walking as he took a picture of his feet.  

Note to self (and to you!): never wear thin socks when expected to walk all day.  They will hurt your feet…real bad, real good.  (Wait, aren't those suppose to be opposites? Annoyed)

nyc 374 nyc 369
Central Park is one huge beautiful park… 

Since there was this zoo within Central Park and it was included in our NY pass, we decided to take a look. It was a typical zoo. Nothing too special. A couple pictures….

Note to self: Joseph gets easily fascinated by birds. 

nyc 370  nyc 379

It was getting dark and Ethan was still suffering from his sore feet…

Kip: Well, have you talked to the school nurse?
Napoleon Dynamite: No, she doesn't know anything. Will you just come get me?
Kip: No.
Napoleon Dynamite: Well, will you do me a favor then? Can you bring me my thick socks?
Kip: No, Napoleon.
Napoleon Dynamite: But my feet hurt real bad!
Kip: Just borrow some from the school nurse. I know she has like five pairs in her drawer.
Napoleon Dynamite: I'm not gonna use hers, you sicko!
Kip: See ya.
Napoleon Dynamite: Ugh! Idiot!

…so we took the advice of our hosts and went to this tea place.

Alice's Tea Cup 

I didn't really want to have pictures taken of me eating tea and dessert…Luckily we weren't the only guys there…hehe…

Note to self: Joseph gets embarrassed easily! Surprised  Anyway, check out my tea pot of organic rooibos tea and custard dessert! Yuuuumy! I love NY!

nyc 382  nyc 380

~ NIGHT ~ 

Then, it was off to the most amusing part of our day, which was the Apple Store.

This was my one of my top priority attractions when planning the NY trip.  There's no other Apple store that represents Apple as much as the 5th Ave.

This place is quite impressive. Big cube shaped glass building where you go down the glass elevator and then you see a whole lot of White! 

nyc 388   nyc 392
The Apple store is underground!
nyc 391

check out this video of us going up the glass hydraulic elevator!  


We then were to head off to Peter Luger's for dinner. I had made reservations for 9:45, which was pretty darn late. Having learned from Esca the night before, we decided to get there a little earlier and also request we not be seated two inches away from the next table. Along the way, I had to pee, so we stopped at a McDonald's in Chinatown where I proceeded to buy small fries to use the restroom….hahaha…I felt bad if I just walked in there without buying something. I ended up handing over the fries to a homeless guy afterward.

nyc 396
The fries needed to pee

Peter Luger's was in Brooklyn so it took us a good half hour to get there. We arrived there around 9ish and checked in. We immediately could tell that this was going to be a completely different experience from Esca.

People were loud, the sports channel was on…DEFINITELY different from Esca!  Smiles crawled up our faces! ByeByeBye 

All the waiters were big burley men who were watching sports and the place was noisy and loud and all the tables were spaced out well.

I think they were once gangsters…Guns

nyc 410

We ended up being seated early at a nice four person table to ourselves. We were totally more relaxed this time around. 

 nyc 411 nyc 421

nyc 420 nyc 416
Best steak!!!! YUUUUMY!

We ended up ordering some steaks and lamb chops with Peter Luger's special steak sauce. I also ordered a bottle of wine to go with the steak. 

 nyc 415
Carl…best waiter ever

Our waiter was super nice and very considerate of us first timers. And it wasn't just our waiter who interacted with us, there was another waiter who was super interested in Ethan's camera. I think he had a camera like Ethan's too and ended up taking pictures for us. A funny note was that they gave us some soy sauce as well. 

  nyc 419 nyc 425
Soy sauce does not go well with steak!

 We even got chocolate gold coins at the end of the meal! ARG!

I think afterward, Ethan felt a little tipsy from the wine. 


Ahhh, good day…that last meal was especially enjoyable. And finally here we are in Brooklyn waiting for the train back to Queens

nyc 429
Lonely man waits for the train  

And so after 4 days of eating, sightseeing, walking, running, taking the subway, shopping, resting, getting lost….our New York trip finally had to come to an end.

Thanks for reading! There was some interesting events on our trip back, such as our train getting delayed because of some broken track, but all in all, what needs to be said has been said! Yay for New York!!

I love NEW YORK! 

the FOOD!


the culture!

the sight!

the subway!

…did I already say I love the food???? Blush