Sleeping in Japan (Part 1): Capsule Hotel

Capsule HotelThe first capsule hotel to open was in Osaka, Japan in 1979.  The need was driven mainly by travelers too intoxicated to safely get back home, or too embarrassed to face their spouses.  These hotels have extremely small “rooms” (capsules) intended to provide cheap and basic overnight accommodation for guests not requiring the services offered by more conventional hotels.  The capsules are often stacked side by side and two units top to bottom.  Also, most capsule hotels only service men. Clothes and shoes are sometimes exchanged for a Japanese yukata gown and slippers on entry.  The benefit of these hotels is convenience and price, usually around ¥2000-4000 (US$25–50) a night.  In fact, ~30% of guests are unemployed or underemployed.  [wiki]

Traditional capsule hotel 

Of all the capsule hotels in Japan, one stands out.  I’m referring to “9 Hours“, a one-of-a-kind ultra modern deluxe capsule hotel.  Its simplicity and functionality so refined, it feels like something Apple and IKEA would have made.