Japan: Ishinomaki (Part 1)

Ishinomaki city was among the most seriously affected by the 2011 Japan earthquake and tsunami which hit on 2:46pm 11 March 2011.  Located 300 miles North of Tokyo, it takes around 4 hours by train (2 transfers) to get there.


I first heard of Grace Mission Tohoku (GMT) through Crash Japan, a Japan-wide Christian disaster relief organization (thanks to John for connecting me with Crash Japan in the first place!).  GMT’s relief, rebuilding and caring efforts in the Ishinomaki community has been both impactful and well received.  I’m so glad God brought me there for a week, meeting and partnering with all the GMT staff — Rimpei sensei, Virginia, Satoshi, Atsushi, Kathleen, Richard & Mickie…!  It was eye opening to see their dedication and faith through these tough times.  Even though we are now miles away, I know God is doing wonderful things with them there!


A look back at 2012!

2012 has come and will be soon gone!  Each year I try to do something new…and for this past year I dedicated it to expand my boundaries and to be more adventurous.  As I look back at this year, I can see God had blessed me with so many new friends and experiences!

Below, I present some highlights of 2012 (also see 20112010)!


  • Italian cooking class – Four classes covering different  regional cuisines. I’m preparing Italian lamb fennel!



White water rafting 2012

White water rafting in Sacramento has been one of the funnest things I’ve done this year.  Thanks to the  GoPro waterproof camera (mounted on top of the helmet), we were able to capture these moments for you!

Part 1 “Tunnel Chute”
This was the first rapid of the day!



Great Urban Race 2011

Great Urban Race is an international urban adventure race like the TV show Amazing Race. Participants are required to form teams of two to solve 12 clues and complete mental and physical challenges while discovering a city.  Joseph and I decided to compete in San Francisco this year as “Team Portal“:   Read more…