Friday Lunch Buddies: Thai

 On Friday 3/24/2006,  the Friday Lunch Buddies headed out to grab some Thai food. 

Thai Orchid 

4300 Central Avenue. SE, Albuquerque, NM 87108
(505) 265-4047


 So with those reviews, we headed out!


First  I ordered the todd munpla (fried fish cakes):


They were ok (meaning they weren't as good as the reviewer said_ =P  Maybe I'm just too Asian?  

This is what Frank and Betty ordered: 



Kuan ordered: 

Nazim ordered: 


Yeah….Nazim really takes his food seriously…

Drew ordered the massaman curry from the dinner menu (not on the lunch menu). 



Drew digging in!!!!!! 

Looks GOOD!  Did you notice all the fake orchids in the dishes???? =)

The curry was mildly spicy, with a nice creamy sweet flavor.  I think it's like the Portuguese curry you get from Macao (if you know what I'm saying…you're a real HongKongese!!)

And I ordered the catfish in red curry…Thai HOT!!!!

That's right…check this out:


Does that look right?  I didn't think so…and after consulting the table, we decided they had screwed up.  But wait…no….it turns out I misordered, cuz I was pointing to the Thai menu, thinking it was the catfish/red curry….blah. I don't believe it!


So what I ordered was the Yam Poh Taek (seafood salad): Seafood, lemon grass, kaffir lime leaves, lime juice, garlic, spicy sauce. 


behold…it was a spicy seafood salad. Seafood included: 2x oysters, 3x shrimp, 4x squid.  

but it was spicy and painful after all……


…though not enough to overtake Korean kim chee @ Ar-ri-rang!!!!!

And guess what…that salad costed $12!!!! If Lunch Queen were here, she would definately be against that expensive lunch!!! 

blah….so here's a pix of us leaving


Yeah…that's Frank on the right.  You know I had to take a pix of you, right?


The dishes seemed pretty authentic, but I'll have to go one more time to decide for sure.  I think some dishes were overpriced (i.e. the seafood salad), so that was a big minus.  And I had to take into consideration of the screw up in the ordering….so….

Hungry cactus’ verdict: B-

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