I â(TM)¥ Duck!

This past weekend I had to visit 99banh, one of two Asian grocery store here in town.  Why?  Because I’m Asian so I fall for sales, especially for $9.99 duck.

food 192 food 193

Oh yeah…2 boxes of duck goodness!  Smeeeelllllls soooo goooood! =)  It has been a while since I bought any Asian food around here!

food 196 food 197

Check out the duck with veggie noodles and veggies!
food 198 food 200

Veggie here, veggie there!

food 202 food 201

Even though the ducks here aren’t as meaty as ones I’ve had in Cali, I’m really grateful to even find Asian duck available in the desert!!!!  I â(TM)¥ duck, and I’m sure glad God created them!