I â(TM)¥ Food, but not THAT much

I dunno, but I don’t think Kobayashi â(TM)¥ food…I mean, does he enjoy food at all? That’s just extreme eating…

INSANE: Kobayashi vs “Queen”Akasaka: 40 sushi and 140(70×2) gyoza


They seem to bet how many they can chug…and of course, Kobayashi wins…
Kobayashi does 25 coffee milk in 2:15! (that’s one bottle every 5.4 seconds!)



Anyway, so after watching Kobayashi eat like that, I thought I should see what it is like to eat so much…Off to WECK’S:

Weck’s Breakfast Lunch Catering

(505) 293-3154
1105 Juan Tabo Blvd NE
Albuquerque, NM 87112

food buddy 115

Only serves breakfast and lunch:

food buddy 099 food buddy 098

I ordered the papa: a LOAD of hashbrown topped with a special order of 1/2 pollo & 1/2 carne adovado; 1/2 red chili & 1/2 green chili! Also comes with two eggs of your choice (OVER EASY!)…and at a very reasonable price of $7.29!!

food buddy 108

Other dishes:

food buddy 106 food buddy 100

food buddy 101 food buddy 102

food buddy 103 food buddy 105

food buddy 113 food buddy 110

Hmmmm….so yummy!  (I was really really really full afterwards!)

There is no doubt Weck’s is a sure bet to fill your hunger…the portions are so big, you just might need to take half of it home! ^_^ Both meats (polo and carne adovado) I ordered were a joy in my mouth. Loved the two over easy eggs…their yolk flowing down onto the hashbrowns… HHHHHMMMMMMM!!!!! ^_^

I will definately go back to Wecks in the near future!

Hungry cactus’ final verdict: B+

Did I mention I played badminton afterwards? That’s another gross story I’ll save up for next time…