Japan: Nara (Part 1: Temples & Scenery)

While most tourists in Japan will visit Osaka and Kyoto, many pass by a lesser known city, Nara, which is just 25 miles away.  This post will showcase Nara’s temples and scenery, while the following post will showcase the famous free roaming deer that populate the city.

Enjoy the tranquility of Nara during the fall season!

Here’s a Nara snack shop making mochi LIVE by alternating slapping and hammering!  Fresh and soft! yum!

Hungry Cactus’ verdict: A-

A slow-paced half day trip from either Osaka or Kyoto.  Some temples were free to visit, but some require a fee.  The temples by themselves will not draw you to Nara, but the sacred deer will (see next post)!

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