Japan’s Tsukiji fish market

Tsukiji fish market

Japan’s Tsukiji fish market is the biggest wholesale fish and seafood market in the world, and has rightfully become an extremely popular tourist spot.  One of the main attraction is the tuna auction, where businesses compete for the best tuna in the world.  Lines to observe the auction is open to the general public, and starts forming around 4am — but only for the first 120 people. Tips for getting into the tuna auction:

Once you get in, you’ll see that Tsukiji starts early in the morning….

You’ll see buyers inspecting the tuna quality with their hooks and flashlights:

When the auction starts, you’ll hear bells ringing and lots of shouting!

Outside, vehicles zoom around:

With the highest quality fishes at Tsukiji, it’s no wonder you’ll find some of the best sushi there too!  I visited two of the most famous sushi restaurants there: Sushi Dai and Sushi Dai Wa (similar names, but different places!).  Here’s their differences:

Sushi Dai

Sushi Dai Wa
  • Look for ROW 6, 8th store to the right (4 stores down from Sushi Dai)
  • Absolutely no waiting necessary!  They have double the space and double the chefs.  Chefs were overall pretty nice and friendly.  They speak little English.
  •  The chefs (in comparison to Sushi Dai) seem to rush the sushi out faster — and as such, the quality a few notches lower than Sushi Dai.
  • 3500 yen (or $44) for 7 pieces of sushi, sushi roll, miso

Sushi Dai:

1 – Fatty tuna: soooo good. 2 – Flounder: no soy sauce, chewy, strong wasabi

3 – Red snapper: smooth

 4 – Sea urchin: smooth

5 – Saury

6 – Surf Clam: it’s actually alive and moving!

7 – Spanish Mackerel: melt in mouth

8 – Baby Shrimp

9 – Cod Roe Sushi: bitter cucumber

10 – Salmon Roe

11 – Sea Eel: not too salty, soft

12 – Tamagoyaki – hot!

13 – for my own pick, I had one more fatty tuna…nom nom! =)

Sushi Dai Wa

Daiwa’s happy sushi chef:

The sushi came out so fast I didn’t have time to write down what they were…so here it is:

Hungry Cactus’ Verdict: B/A/B


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