Lately I’ve been obsessed with Speculoos, a type of shortcrust biscuit similar to graham crackers, traditionally baked for consumption around St Nicholas’ feast (around December) in the Netherlands, Belgium, and Northern France.  The spices used include pepper, cinnamon, ginger, cloves, cardamom and nutmeg.  They are also known as the Airline Cookie, as made famous on Delta Airlines.

Only recently has it been formulated into a paste, similar to peanut butter.  Having only been recently recommended by my favorite Paris blogger David Lebovitz (, I knew I had to get it when I visited Paris last November.

Returning back to the States, I quickly tried some on bread….ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!  It’s really like eating a lightly sweet graham cracker!  Now I know it’s not as healthy as peanut butter, so please treat it as an indulgent spread like nutella, ok?  Anyway, I quickly realized I needed to find a local source for more Speculoos.  Good news…they’re here in the States:

Where to buy:
Additionally, there are two locations in the Bay Area that serve Speculoos!
Where to have it in NorCal:


Hungry Cactus’ verdict: A!!
What are you waiting for? Try some Speculooooooooooooos for yourself now!!

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