Trader Joe’s is like a box of chocolates…you never know what you gonna find there…

Look closely…it’s VEGAN!!!!!  Cool!  Could this be good?

Open the box and you find out the meat of it (is that even a pun when there’s no real meat?) isn’t that much (it’s the ball on the right)!

I added tomatoes and onions to the included baste.  Bake 75 mins 350 degrees.

Out it comes….hmm..

Looks kinda bland huh!  Let’s get a glamor shot:

Hungry Cactus’ final verdict: C+

While a good attempt, I can imagine how hard it is to make vegan turkey taste like the real McCoy.  I could still taste the bland tofu base under the overly salty baste.  The texture was also a bit too chewy — halfway between Asian fishball and firm tofu.  Doesn’t sound too appetizing huh?

However, one thing I did learn today — there is a very wide gap between vegan and non-vegan cuisine…to land anywhere in between is utterly futile!!!

~ ~ ~ ~

…and here’s a blooper shot 🙂

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