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A look back at 2010!

This year was an interesting one…in fact, it’s one of the oddest years I’ve ever lived, mainly because I was on medical leave for 5 months.  However, the months following were extremely loaded and enjoyable.  Here’s a snapshot of my 2010 in pictures!

February: How it started


This is the yoga upside-down stance that most likely causes headaches and fatigue to resurface…My brain was damaged and it needed to heal up — At the worst point, I was sleeping 20 hours and waking up for only 4 hours.  I could barely stay awake.  My dreams seemed more real.

March – JulyHyperbaric oxygen treatment

Even though this treatment took 5 months , it helped reduce the post-concussion symptoms.  Each week I would feel slightly stronger and more awake.  Through this time, I learned my life was in God’s hand…and sometimes it may not go my way.  I just can’t imagine how to live  with permanent brain damage…it is very real, and can be really sad.

After treatment:

And if there’s one thing I really missed while being sick, it would have to be being active.  There are so many things I want to get back into…badminton, cooking, hiking, rock climbing, biking, photography etc.  Will I be able to do them all this year?  I sure hope so!!!

Food Inc.

While still in treatment, I watched Food Inc. and that changed my view on food, health and environment.  Some changes I’ve made so far: try to eat healthy, organic if possible; using stainless-steel instead of non-stick pans; no plastics in microwave or dishwasher; drink filtered water; be environmental: reduce, recycle, reuse, donate.


While I was in San Francisco for the treatments, two pigeons laid their eggs on my apartment balcony.  Here’s the last video I made of how this all ended. sad.


Moved back to Fremontstarted working again

Joseph/Carol’s Wedding: about time!


Clothing refresh: He-joon and Miranda made a big effort to help update my wardrobe…so what’s my new style? T-shirts and hoodies from threadless, and the rest from Gap and Banana Republic!  I’m loving it!


Ping pong & badminton: Started to get back in shape!  So glad there are friends that love the sport too!

tabletennis badminton

September: Camera upgrade

I can’t be happier upgrading to the Panasonic GF1…larger sensor, faster lens, more advanced controls!  By far the best camera I’ve had in 10 years…now back to capturing wonderful moments of my life! =)

October: Move to rental home


Living in a home is so awesome….what I love is the large kitchen, limitless noise level and large space for lots of people!  I don’t think I can go back to apartments anymore…

Change to Part time: My work load was still too much to handle, so I became part time to ease the transition back into work.

UCLA vs Cal: First football game ever!  Too bad we lost…bad.


Hosting: First time having lots of wonerful people over!  So happy and blessed to have such a good time!



Obsession with Macarons begins…but still so far to go…


Acupuncture: I wasn’t sure at first, but now I know…acupuncture works wonders on headaches and fatigue!


December: You Like, iGive” experiement

What started out as a meaningful Christmas gift idea to my friends, quickly evolved into an experiment where clean water awareness was spread through social networks and lives would be changed!  The experiment was a success: reaching 111 people and raising money for Charity:water.  What’s more amazing is I only know 30% of the people reach…the rest was completely word of mouth!  Amazing…

~ ~ ~

In the end, I give praises to God —  2010 will always be remembered as an awesome year for me!