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Bay to Breakers!

Don’t know how Joseph got me into running Bay to Breakers with him…but it’s 12k (7.5miles) through San Francisco:

The image

Early in the morning (7:30am) we took the Bart to the start line.

Here I’m doing a few chin ups on the hand rails…I’m so pumped! =)


I have no clue what to expect…


I guess I knew there would be a lot of people…but THIS MUCH????? Wow!

The image

The image

Lots of water cups for the runners!

Look I’m faster than that old man…



But I finally cross the finish line! Yay! =)



ScreenHunter_01 May. 21 18.33 run4 run2


The Bay to Breakers run pushed my limits pretty far, but I’m sure you’ll see another running post from me next year! =) Overall, a very fun experience!

~ ~ ~

Update: 3 days after the race…my legs hurt real bad!