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White water rafting 2012

White water rafting in Sacramento has been one of the funnest things I’ve done this year.  Thanks to the  GoPro waterproof camera (mounted on top of the helmet), we were able to capture these moments for you!

Part 1 “Tunnel Chute”
This was the first rapid of the day!

Part 2 “Back Paddle”
One of the intense runs we had!

Part 3 “Wave Surfing”
The raft can stay in one place from the wave pushing back upstream…pretty cool!

Part 4 “Man overboard!”
Some of us jump off and flow down the rapids alongside the boat ~ pure epic!!!

Part 5 “Forward!”
A big drop at 0:25 gets everyone flying, and Michelle gets bruised in the legs

Part 6 “Advanced Wave Surfing”
A super in-your-face demonstration of wave surfing!! Skip to 1:10 for the good stuff…ladies had the best seats in the house!

Bonus: “Horror Funzies”
Taking a dip in the water is all great, except when your buddies try to you over with the raft!!!