I love shopping at Costco. Most people do too, but the ginormous quantity usually limits frequent shoppers to families with 10 kids to feed.

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I’m a single guy and was unfortunately born with only one mouth and one stomach — So how did I end up shopping at Costco almost every week or two for food?  Here’s how I manage:

Do buy:

  • Canned foods (last forever)
  • Flash pasteurized (i.e. soy milk in cartons)
  • Frozen foods (last very long, also microwaveable)
  • Refrigerated foods (last at least 2 weeks)

Don’t buy:

  • Bagels – mold pretty fast for some reason. Do not get.
  • Mushroom – it is hard to finish the large packs.
  • Fish (exception: salmon) – smells really bad really fast.  Try to individually freeze chunks.


    • Juice -Always get 100% fruit (do not get cocktail). Kirkland brand or the occasional Naked juice.

    ~ ~ ~

    I thought I would show you a pix from my most recent visit to Costco:

    food 228


    ~ ~ ~


    • Honey oat bread. Comes in 2 packs. Put in freezer bags and refrigerate. Will last a long time. I’ve tried other breads but find the Honey oat the best.
    • Almond Butter. Good stuff. I’m on my 4th can already.
    • Yogurt. Usually lasts <3 weeks, so it can be difficult to finish if you don’t have one every day. I like the 16 small bottles of DanActive.


    • Cheese sticks – individual vacuum sealed!
    • Cellery, baby carrot, peanut snack bars etc.

    Lunch/Dinner: I usually combine my lunch in the morning before I get into work. The idea here is there is always:

      1. Starch – rice or pasta (sometimes potato). Batch precooked.
      2. Meat – (salmon, beef, chicken) Batch precooked, usually broiled in oven. Some toppings I like to add: sun dried tomatoes, onions, garlic.
      3. Vegetable – left frozen. By lunchtime it will be defrosted for reduced microwave time. I usually get the organic green beans or the new frozen broccoli.

        Simply add all 3 main ingredients into bowl (to bring to work) or plate (for dinner at home) and microwave for at least ~3 minutes (Longer if the vegetable is frozen).

        ~ ~ ~

        And of course, the food court is always a tempting stop for a polish dog with sauerkraut…

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        …or a berry smoothy I often see kids dig. =)