I thought I would start posting on a regular basis what I’ve been cooking at home. You might notice that a lot of the dishes look the same….that’s probably because I cook based on what I have in the refrigerator and pantry….so don’t complain! 😐

food 030food 035food 036food 037

This is dish is pesto pasta with sun dried tomatoe beef and veggie mix. I forgot to mix the pasta sauce in with the pasta… 5/10

food 038food 039

This is chicken (from Costco) congee with veggie mix and new york style bagel crisps. Made this simple dish because I was sick with the flu. 4.5/10

food 040food 041

This is medium rare steak with pesto sun dried tomatoe pasta and greens! I remembered to premix the pesto in this time! 6/10

food 043

This one was similar, except I used a different cut of fatty beef. This was good…bite size is nice, and I didn’t overcook my veggies this time! Oh, I also added onions…stir frying beef with onions is awesome! I liked this one a lot. 8/10 🙂
food 050food 051food 052

And tonight, I made brocolli, caulli flower, beef (didn’t have any fresh left, so I defrosted a chunk from the freezer)…and hopefully the last batch of pesto sun dried tomato pasta =P Oh, I forgot to mention, if you notice, there’s a a garlic herb pasta sauce that went with the veggies =) Overall, this was pretty good. 7.5/10 🙂