Friday Lunch Buddies: Italian @ Vivace


3118 Central Ave Se, Albuquerque, NM
(505) 268-5965  

But wait…how do you pronounce Vivace?  Vi-vaase?

Here are some tips:

  • v: like v in vase
  • i: like ee in meet
  • a: long like a in father
  • c: before e or i – like ch in chin
    • (otherwise – like c in cat)

Now doesn't Vivace sound a lot better? Laughing

Vivace Restaurant

We were fortunate to have been seated in the newly(?) renovated/expanded side of the restaurant (the side with the bar).  It was lightly dimmed and very classy!!! Smile



food buddy 033  food buddy 034

The prices were a bit higher than our usual lunches, but otherwise were reasonable for an Italian meal (<$10 before tip/tax).


Complementary Appetizer

While we waited for our meals, we were given probably the best bread in town…we requested refills many many times! Bye

food buddy 035 

And how could we not dip it in olive oil and balsamic vinegar?  So yummy!! Laughing

food buddy 036  


Onto the main entrees: 

food buddy 051  food buddy 050

food buddy 049  food buddy 048

food buddy 047 food buddy 045

food buddy 044  food buddy 053

food buddy 054  food buddy 046

food buddy 039 food buddy 038

Yeah…Nazim's fingers seemed to always find their way in… Foot in mouth

food buddy 052 

I ordered the Conchigu Con Salsiccia E Panna (2nd page of menu).  "Shell Pasta with Sausage, fresh Rosemary, Diced Tomato and Crème".  I was pleasantly surprised by the mild spicy sauce.  It was wonderful!  While the dish was simple, each ingredient's flavor was well exposed in harmony (don't I sound just like the Iron Chef (Japan) commentators or Paula Abdul? hahahhaa…)  I liked it!  The pasta even had a bit of chewyness to it!


We had a big turn out…12 people I think! (If you think I can't count, Frank is hiding behind Kuan and I'm taking the pictures)

food buddy 059  food buddy 060

food buddy 061  food buddy 062

food buddy 064  

We had a long lunch around 2 hours…Poor Nazim thought he could leave at 12:30 — the exact time the food started coming out!  Oh well Wink But it was worth the wait! 

~~~ 1 hour after~~~

And since the dishes had large portions, a handful of us actually had leftovers! I liked how they packed it up for us:

food buddy 066 

Cozy in a white lunch bag: 

food buddy 065

That's awesome, don't you think?


Vivace is most certainly a must-come-back restaurant — excellent atmosphere, very satisfying food and friendly service…did we really spend 2 hours there??????  Who cares! Tongue out

Hungry Cactus' final verdict: A