Hunger Challenge Day 6

This is a continuation post from yesterday’s Hunger Challenge Day 5.  

It is day 6.  Just one more day to go…however tomorrow is an all day outing (volunteering and moving) so I’ll need to pack both my lunch and dinner.  My options of what I can bring are limited, but I’ll have enough to make more peanut butter sandwiches and hard boiled eggs.  (I’m starting to see a pattern already…)  Anyway, I think this sums up my week through the hunger challenge:

Day 6 meals
  • Breakfast ($0.27) : Oatmeal, banana, salt
  • Lunch ($1.22):  peanut butter wheat bread sandwich, 2 hard boiled eggs
  • Snack ($0.19): banana
  • Dinner ($0.61): brown rice, marinara sauce, boy choi
  • Total cost: $2.30 (48% of daily limit)   
Day 7 meals (estimated)
  • Breakfast ($0.55) : bok choi, egg, banana
  • Lunch ($1.09) 2 hard boiled eggs, peanut butter wheat bread
  • Snack ($0.38): 2 banana
  • Dinner ($1.09)2 hard boiled eggs, peanut butter wheat bread
  • Total cost: $3.13 (66% of daily limit)