Me hungry!

I know this is random, but do you remember the Dinosaurs (1991)?  Did you like baby Sinclair??? NOT THE MAMA! I liked the show…too bad they only had four seasons.

One of the most frequent of these is the exclamation, "Not the mama!" to Earl, whom he sees with contempt. Often, with this, Baby will repeatedly hit his father in the head with a hard object, most frequently a frying pan. When Baby is hurt, he will throw his arms up enthusiastically and yell, "Again!"  

~~ Me Hungry!!! ~~

You know for the past few months I've neglected to post what I've been cooking…so without procrastinating any further, here are some of my better dinners.  Hope you drool over them. =)

A simple dinner

    Beef and cheese ravioli (with broccoli salad)

food 923 food 920 food 918

Broiling experiment. 

    I wanted to practice broiling.  All I added was a sprinkle of sea salt, rosemary and black pepper.  Broil ~3 minutes each side for medium rare.  Dinner in 6 minutes – you just can't beat that!  Fast and yummy.  

 food 915 food 914


    I bought a big bundle of asparagus from Costco.  And you know when you shop at Costco, that becomes the theme ingredient for the week. Here is a simple asparagus chicken + scrambled eggs + rice + broccoli salad. 

btw, you'll notice other theme ingredients in my other dinners include the Costco broccoli salad and Costco portobello mushroom. Can you spot any other frequent theme ingredients I use? =P  

food 913  food 911


    I think this was Trader Joe Tri Tip, Costco cucumber, Costco portobello mushroom and Costco mash potatoes.  Yum.

food 901 

Filet Mignon

"The filet is considered to be the tenderest cut of beef, and one of the most expensive. The average cow provides no more than 4-6 pounds of filet per animal. Because the muscle is non-weight bearing, it receives very little exercise, which makes it tender."   

From the Tenderloin: 

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My crazy attempt to combine:

  • Costco Filet Mignon
  • Costco Asparagus
  • Costco Portobello mushroom
  • Costco bacon

I used the filet mignon to wrap the asparagus and mushroom together, then used the already defrosted bacon to tie a knot around it.  Pan fry at high heat.

As you can see from the photos, the insides were still very rare.  Fear not, I actually packed those rare pieces for lunch the following day and microwaved a good 2.5 minutes.  All cooked.  Anyway, I think I should either bake it or use a thinner meat cut for wrapping next time. 

The full flavor from the bacon accompanied the filet mignon and vegetables very well.  I think this is a nice dish to make for guests!  I usually don't make exquisite dishes such as this…but once in while, it's pretty fun and adventurous! =)

food 908  food 907