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Hey hey….kind of a late announcement, but Joseph and I will be going to NYC this Friday~Tues! We’re going to spend 90% of our time visiting Manhattan. Our My primary goal of course is to search and eat the best food NYC has to offer!!! Other than that, there are some famous landmarks (I’m such a nerd) to see…. oh and we most definitely can’t miss out on one of Broadway’s best shows: “Wicked“.

A few months ago, we started using Google Spreadsheet extensively for real time planning and have proved extremely useful. You see, we both worked on the same spreadsheet at the same time: any changes Joseph made immediately reflected on my screen! True, it’s not as powerful as Excel yet, but since it’s still in Beta you never know!

Oh, did you know we made a spreadsheet just for places to eat??? Do you have any HIGHLY recommended dessert, restaurants or attractions in NYC? Pop me a comment below! Thanks!!! =)

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Talking about food…here are some PILLOWS for you to eat!!!!! hmmmm…

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update: fixed hotlinking image to hotlink somewhere else =P