Something growing…Part 2

After a day of testing, I’m pretty certain birds don’t like walnuts.  So I ventured into Petco for the first time and bought myself a Costco-sized bag of bird food…


Yeah, I know 10lbs is a killer, but they didn’t come in smaller sizes.  Oh well, I guess I’m going to be serving a lot of meals in the future…

Look how gourmet this looks! Actually smells pretty good too.


I left it outside overnight, but mama bird didn’t even care for it….


…but a new day brought new hope…



…unfortunately what the video failed to capture was that mama bird was actually still inside the bin all the time looking at another bird eat HER food!!! [email protected]#%#
I’ve now put the food inside the bin, hoping other birds won’t eat her portion.  Will she eat???  When do you think the eggs will hatch?