Sour Cream Coffee Cake – Version 1


  • Streusel: unbleached all-purpose flour, granulated sugar, dark brown sugar, ground cinnamon, unsalted butter, pecans
  • Cake: eggs, vanilla etract, unbleached all-purpose flour, granulated sugar, baking powder, baking soda, salt, unsalted butter

food 747 food 748 food 750

This is the sour cream base — looks kinda lumpy!

food 749

This is the streusel —
Notice the top streusel (w/ pecans) is different from the interior streusel.

food 752 food 753 food 755

Here we separate the sour cream base with 2 layers of interior streusel.
Then top with the exterior streusel mix.

food 763

In the oven for ~1 hour…

food 765

…then pop it out of the tube pan!

food 775

(drum rolls….) Voila! <munch> <munch>

Hungry Cactus’ final verdict: A

Absolutely fun to make and totally delicious!  In fact, the texture and flavor improved over time — refrigerating it for a day or two fortified the hold, while the sour cream still kept the cake pleasantly light!  Even though I didn’t do the layering quite correctly (the 2 layers of streusel sank to the bottom!), the streusel tasted superb!  The pecan pieces highlighted the top/exterior streusel while the interior streusel kept the sour creme base interesting to taste.  I really liked this! =) Who came up with this awesome recipe???

Note: Good thing this coffeecake can be made a few days in advance!  No need to stress out on the day it’s needed!