Washington DC (Day 1)

Washington DC ’08 trip – Day 1

Joseph: Well, we’ve finally found the time to get some pictures up. Here begins the tale of our days in DC.

Ben, Dave, and I left on a Thursday night red eye flight for DC. By the time we got there, it was 6 in the morning and we were all ready to go about our first day’s activity: SLEEP! Unfortunately, we couldn’t check into our hotel until 9, so we loitered around Starbucks for a while before we walked to the Best Western. After getting some attitude from the check-in lady, for checking in so freaking early, we collapsed on our beds and slept until just after noon.

IMG_0023 IMG_0022 IMG_0028 IMG_0025
IMG_0027 IMG_0029 P1010551 P1010555
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IMG_2975 IMG_2974 IMG_2973

Joseph: By the time the afternoon rolled around, we decided to go for a stroll toward the Potomac River. There we had a bit of seafood for lunch. I, had a crab cake sandwich while Ben got a bunch of cajun shrimp. [Dave: What am i? chopped liver? 😛 I had a crab cake as well.. It was a decent crab cake.. though i dont know if it really deserved to be advertised on that fancy sign.. the crab cake we had later on blew this one out of the water.] One place had a bunch of free dessert samples so we definitely helped ourselves.

P1010561 P1010564 P1010576
P1010574 P1010575 IMG_0039
IMG_0049 IMG_0062 IMG_0055
IMG_0066 IMG_0067 P1010571

Joseph: Afterward, we decided to head toward the Jefferson Memorial and see if we could find any cherry blossoms that had bloomed.

IMG_2983 IMG_2982 P1010570
P1010567 P1010568 IMG_0043

As you can see from the photos, we did find one 1/2 bloomed tree. [Dave: Ben was quite ecstatic when we found the only blooming tree.. maybe a little too ecstatic.]

We took as many pictures as we could. We also visited the Jefferson Memorial and admired it from inside. Pretty soon we had to head back and meet Ethan at the hotel.

Where’s Ethan????

Ethan: While the the other 3 had an early start in DC, I took the first flight out of Albuquerque with a stopover arriving in Chicago around noon. Without missing the opportunity to try some local food, I ordered a Chicago hotdog from Superdawg []. I am now convinced my taste buds truly dislike the overstuffed hotdot, especially the oversized pickle!!!!

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dc trip 03142008 001 dc trip 03142008 005 dc trip 03142008 003

Still waiting for Ethan…

Joseph: Here are some pictures of Ethan arriving at our hotel in DC. It was pretty amusing to both Dave and myself because Ethan went the wrong way after getting off the subway and ended up getting lost.

Ethan: <sigh>

IMG_0072 IMG_0071

IMG_0070 IMG_0069

Joseph: As soon as Ethan had arrived, we had to immediately leave again and head off to Komi’s.

Ethan: And off we went to our first DC dinner…boy were we in for a surprise…

~ ~ ~ To be continued… ~ ~ ~