A night alone with Joe

I had the pleasure tonight to dine alone with my pal Joe.  Joe is a food trader by profession, but like me, likes all sorts of weird foods.  I’m so loyal, I bought all of tonight’s dinner ingredients from Joe!  A la cuisine!

Ingredient #1: Leg of Lamb!

food 1197 food 1198

  • Smear some butter to keep the lamb moist!
  • Plug in wireless oven thermometer to keep check of the temperature!

 food 1199 food 1200 food 1201

  • And after an hour at 350 degrees…Hmm hmmm…enough leg of lamb to last the week! Score!

food 1202 food 1203 food 1208

  • Oh but I was so careless…I wasn’t paying attention, and the juices dripped all over the counter and onto the ground.  Looks like a CSI scene on TV!

food 1206

Ingredient #2: Creamy Corn & Roasted Pepper!

  • Joe has AWESOME boxed soups.  This one is the rox.  It’s as easy as PMS: Pour, Medium heat, Serve.  Now you know the secret.

food 1207 food 1214

Ingredient #3 & 4: Garlic Hummus & Rosemary Petit Batard

  • I haven’t had hummus in a while…and what better than some GARLIC hummus?  My breath SMEEEEEEELLLLLLS (so good).
  • Hmmm and Rosemary batard…but what is a batard?
    • “Batard” is the French word for the English “bastard“. In both languages, these words refer to illegitimacy, or what states as “something of irregular, inferior, or dubious origin.”

      Batard (emphasis on the -tard) in bread circles refers to an inferior baguette, typically half the length and many times the width of a classic baguette. (Traditional baguettes are about 2 inches in diameter and anywhere from 15 to 40 inches in length.) The long slender shape of a baguette maximizes the crust to bread ratio, but requires more time and labor to achieve than its squat batard cousin.

      There’s one thing a batard can do better than a baguette though; its fat shape and doughy consistency make it ideal for sandwiches. [link]

food 1210 food 1225 food 1226  

Ingredient #5: Snapea Crisps!

  • Substitute vegetable for the night =P I usually serve real vegetables…my bad tonight.

food 1211 food 1217

Ingredient #6: Vitamin D Milk & Matcha Latte

  • I haven’t seen the matcha latte before, so I gate it a try.  2~3 tbsp of the latte powder with milk (or water if you want a light version).
  • Mild green tea taste.  Not as good as the green tea cupcakes Joe brought last time.  The big thumbs down goes to being too sweet (the 1st ingredient is cane sugar, no doubt).  I might have to just get plain green tea powder from Asian stores.

food 1212 food 1219 food 1220 food 1222 food 1224

 ~ ~ ~

 Dinner served.

 food 1213 food 1218

Joe you made my night. Thanks.=)