Cactus Review of Range Cafe [Brunch]

The Range Cafe []

  • Sun~Thurs 7:30am – 9pm,
  • Fri~Sat 7:30am – 9:30pm

They have three locations, the closest being: 4200 Wyoming Blvd NE # B2, Albuquerque, 8711 (Wyoming and Montgomery).  Slightly hidden behind other stores, but here it is in view:

food 1009

We had to wait ~20 minutes (popular place for lunch!), so we just took a peek at the menu:


food 1013 

food 1011  food 1012

We had 12 attending this time!  

food 1010 

Range Cafe would probably be categorized as an averaged priced brunch restaurant. Check out what we ordered below.  Sorry I wasn't able to keep track of what they were, but at least you have a clue what they serve — they all look homey: omelettes, sandwiches, potatoes, waffles and other dessert goodies!  

food 1014 food 1015 food 1016 food 1017

food 1018 food 1019 food 1020 food 1021

food 1022 food 1023 food 1025 food 1026

  food 1027 food 1028
I did remember this one though…"death by chocolate"…looks good huh! Innocent
 food 1024
Aaron ordered the tuna sandwich daily special, and said it was REALLY GOOD. Oh and here he is with his Pinion Caramel shake!

food 1029


  • Montgomery was a little further than we would have liked, but the drive up was surprisingly painless at less than 15 minutes each way. 
  • We did have to wait, but that should be expected for any popular lunch spots. 


  • The waitress was very helpful, and the food was prepared quickly.  
  • Overall I think it was a pretty decent place to have a brunch meal.  The food was well prepared and looked appetizing.
  • Lots to choose from (see menu above)
  • Not too expensive (<$8)
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The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors. Hungry cactus' final verdict: B+