Continuing my gross posts, I now present to you…me eating the COW FACE!

MOOOO!!!! Cow face, also known in Mexican cuisine as barbacoa can be found in authentic Mexican restaurants, such as Taco Cabana and El Norteno (both can be found in Albuquerque):

Barbacoa generally refers to meats or a whole sheep slow cooked over an open fire, or more traditionally, in a pit covered with leaves, although the interpretation is loose, and in the present day and in some cases may refer to meat that was steamed until tender. Barbacoa de cabeza is a specialty of slow cooked cow head that arose in the ranching lands of northern Mexico after the Spanish conquest.

In the U.S., barbacoa is often prepared with parts from the head of a cow, such as the cheeks. In northern Mexico, barbacoa is also sometimes made with the head of a cow, but more often it is prepared with goat meat or cabrito.


Thanks to my coworkers I was recommended to try Taco Cabana and order the Barbacoa. For ~$6, you can get 1/2 lb of barbacoa on a sizzling hot plate, some bean soup and 5 FRESH HOT tortillas (wrapped in foil) (possibly the best tortillas in Albuquerque????). Barbacoa surprisingly tastes really good – even melts in your mouth! And as an extra bonus, you get some crispy barbacoa touching the hot plate. YUMMM! I’m definitely going back in the near future to Taco Cabana to get some barbacoa!!! GO COW FACE!

Hungry Cactus Verdict: A!

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