Hunger Challenge Day 3&4

This is a continuation post from yesterday’s Hunger Challenge Day 2.  

I’ve finally reached the half way mark…day 3 and 4 turned out much better after making small changes to the menu.  Eggs and mushroom cream sauce quickly rose to the top of most enjoyable ingredient.  Also, I’ve been feeling better having prepared more food for the day:

Day 3 meals

  • Breakfast ($0.81) : peanut butter on wheat bread
  • Lunch ($0.76):  egg noodles, 2 hard boiled eggs, bok choi veggies, garlic
  • Snack ($0.72): banana, 2 nectarines,
  • Dinner ($0.96): Brown rice,  cream mushroom sauce, bok choi, lentils, split peas, hard boiled egg
  • Total cost: $3.32 (70% of daily limit)   



Day4 meals

  • Breakfast ($0.27) : Oatmeal, banana, salt
  • Lunch ($0.90) brown rice, cream mushroom sauce, bok choi, salt
  • Snack ($1.59): banana, 2 nectarines, peanut butter on wheat bread, hard boiled egg
  • Dinner ($1): 2 over easy eggs, egg noodles, veggies, salt
  • Total cost: $3.85 (81% of daily limit)