Hunger Challenge Day 2

This is a continuation post from yesterday’s Hunger Challenge Day 1

Today (Monday) was day 2 of the challenge — I had to bring enough food to survive 9 hours at work.  Unfortunately I finished everything at lunch, with nothing left for the rest of the afternoon.  Tummy growls!  I definitely need to bring more food tomorrow.

Day 2 meals

  • Breakfast ($0.27) : Oatmeal, banana
  • Lunch ($1.32):  2 hard boiled eggs, noodles, bok choi, banana, nectarine
  • Dinner ($0.55): 1 hard boiled egg, brown rice, cooked lentils & split peas, bok choi, garlic 
  • Total cost: $2.34 (50% of daily limit) 


  • Hard boiled eggs tasted so good and nourishing.  Absolutely worth it ($0.20/egg).
  • Bring more food into work for lunch & snacking