Sadaharu Aoki Paris 2011

When you combine two of the greatest culinary capitals in the world together (that’s French and Japanese, mind you!)…you get Sadaharu Aoki, a very unique Japanese patisserie in the heart of France.  I first heard about this gem from David Lebovitz, and knew it would be a ‘must-visit’ in Paris.

When you arrive, take some time to soak in the colorful presentation of chocolates, macarons and other pastries!  Check out the unique Japanese macaron flavors: Black sesame, genmaicha (brown rice tea), wasabi, hojicha (oven roasted green tea), yuzu (citrus), matcha (fine powder green tea):




I had quite the experience trying them…The wasabi was the most unique (had a small kick/aftertaste).  The hojicha had an earthy taste and was not sweet…would have been great with a hot drink.  The black sesame and matcha were as expected and were quite good.  However, I didn’t particularly like the yuzu (sharp & sour) or genmaicha (too sweet).


I forgot to take pictures of these pastries, but thankfully found them on the Sadaharu Aoki main site:  This is the Zen (sweet pastry sesame, Cognac, matcha macaron, hazelnut biscuit,  creamed sesame and chocolate cream).  Sesame and matcha seem to go well together!  Beautiful presentation!


Also not to be missed is the Lemon praline (Lemon macaroon (inside), white chocolate mousse filling, praline croustillant).  This was an intense citrus delicacy….besides the praline croustillant (crunchy), you’ll find a lemon macaron inside the white chocolate mousse filling!  So goood!  The fine lemon powder on the outside makes it look like a real lemon…wow!


Other chocolates you’ll find on display at Sadaharu Aoki:


Hungry Cactus’ verdict: A 

Sadaharu Aoki is one of the most unique and innovative patisseries you’ll find in the world.  Who would have thought a Japanese could make such a big impact in the French culinary art!!  I hope to try other creative and delicious creations next time I visit! =) nom nom nom!