Yeast Coast Trip (part 3)

Day 2 : Saturday – afternoon

Me: I forgot to post a map of Manhattan for all those that haven't been there.
Manhattan really isn't that big, it's just that there are too many things squashed in such a small space!
Note: Streets go horizontal, Avenues go vertical.

Joseph: We were slowly becoming experts on the NY subway system, but what threw us off in the beginning was trying to figure out which way the subway was heading. Fortunately, New Yorkers are kind and patient enough to tell us that 'Uptown' meant going north and 'Downtown' meant going south and that the east side always traveled north and the west side traveled south.

Me: Some stations are clearly more popular than others.  You can tell by the number of musicians playing.  We saw drummers, cellists, guitarists and sometimes even saxophonists!


Joseph: I like the below shots of us lost in the subway with a subway coming up behind us. The subway is a pretty confusing labyrinth of transfer points and upstairs and downstairs. There were entrances closed off, there were ghetto areas where it stunk of urine.

Me:  Sealed

Yea, it still sounds confusing, but we got the hang of it toward the end of the day. 

nyc 088  nyc 089

These pictures look like some some CG rendering…but in fact they are real subway pictures!
(Random though: I think paint balling in the subway station would be pretty fun!)

nyc 090 nyc 091

After the Met, we headed down to Brooklyn to try New York's #1 Pizza Grimaldi's…

Brooklyn is right across from Downtown.

nyc 092

…and HOLy Crap! there was this huge line…people apparently line up for hours on end just to try this pizza. 

nyc 111

Standing in line, Ethan decided to tap into the wireless networks near by and so, despite the o.O of several people in line, surfed the net while waiting in line.

Fortunately there were an open wifi.  Besides I needed to plan out where to go next  and of course check my email!!!

The people behind Ethan in the below picture, we actually made friends while in standing in line. They wanted to know how we were tapping into the Internet and then they told us how they were from West Virginia and bla bla bla. Nice people…they even recommended what pizza to get. 

nyc 098 nyc 097

The tables were arranged so there was only a one person hallway from the front door to the kitchen.  We squeezed our way to the kitchen counter and ordered a small pizza with garlic and pepperoni.

This place was crazy crowded

  nyc 099

We got our pizza and here I am a little reluctant in whether or not this really is the #1 pizza in NY.

nyc 112

Thin.  Nice garlic flavor.  Good cheese.  Good tomato sauce.  Overall, good pizza…But…#1?  and for ~$20?  I'm not too sure anymore.

As for the pizza…yea…quite good…maybe not #1 good, but pretty good.

nyc 115 nyc 121

We then headed straight to the Brooklyn Bridge with our soda and pizza and began walking across the bridge.

Nothing beats a 30 minute walk with an amazing view of downtown Manhattan!  I bet no tour group would spend an hour walking across the Brooklyn Bridge…but they should!  One of the best free activities we did in NY!

The view is breathtaking from the Brooklyn Bridge. Even more so than the Golden Gate. There's just much more going on on this bridge.

Joggers, bikers…and of course, tons of tourists!

  nyc 128  nyc 125  nyc 124 

The walk across the bridge was pretty long and soon I had to go pee. Unfortunately, there were no toilets nearby. We did walk into a park and I tried using the Starbucks bathroom because there's one on every freakin block, but there were massive lines! I just ended up holding it. 

Thanks for sharing that Joseph…Surprised

Anyway, we seriously needed a restroom map…wait…do they even exist?

Next stop was the Ground Zero. I can't imagine what the devastation must've been like on that day, but all that was left was a big open area. It was solemnly and eerily quiet at the memorial. Pictures from the day and the days after were hung on the fence as well as a detailed time line of the major events that occurred on that day. The mood was quite somber.

nyc 141 nyc 142 nyc 143

Ethan and I went across to Century 21 afterward "a shopping mall" for a bathroom.  Later on we stopped by the NYSE as well as Federal Hal.

  nyc 146  nyc 150

Behind me is the NYSE (can't miss the HUGE flag)…stocks have been trading there since 1792!!!!
~ ~ ~
Thanks for reading! Stay tuned for Yeast Coast Trip (part 4) in a few days…