Last week I started my first attempt at creative desserts.  I had some chocolate cake mix and a bar of Lindt dark chocolate.  So what can you do?

  • The American Heart Association recommends that daily cholesterol intake not exceed 300 mg. A chocolate bar is actually low in cholesterol. A 1.65 oz. bar contains only 12 mg! A one oz piece of cheddar cheese contains 30 mg of cholesterol – more than double the amount found in a chocolate bar.
  • The shelf life of chocolate is generally a year. Ingredients such as nuts will shorten the shelf life. Chocolate kept beyond 1 year may suffer flavor loss or texture changes.
~ ~ ~

I decided to try melting and shaving chocolate.  Maybe I should have followed a cookbook or something…oh well, at least it looked and tasted good! Laughing

Version 1 – melted chocolate 

food 949  food 953

Version 2 – melted and shaved chocolate

food 951  food 950

Yeah…shaved chocolate looks AWESOME.  I like.  Do you? Tongue out