Yeast Coast Trip (part 4)

Day 2 – Saturday night 

It was at this point, where we decided to jet off to upper manhattan to catch a ferry that would take us on a tour around Manhattan Island as well as the Statue of Liberty. We were a bit unsure at first since the ride would take around 2 hours, but it was really worth it in the end.

The Circle Line cruises would usually cost around $25/person, but we had the NY unlimited pass, so it was free.  Besides, it's probably the one of the best $25 you can spend in NY, seriously.  

The captain of the ship had a wide range of knowledge and facts about New York. 

The view was just breathtaking…see for yourself:


nyc 164  nyc 161

There's Ethan sporting a scarf.

(Scarf compliments of auntie Slyvie, Emily and Ernie!!! THANKS!)

I think those are the 'wind tunnels' for the underwater tunnels. 

nyc 169 nyc 178 
That's the (free) Staten Island Ferry we would have taken to see the Statue of Liberty if we didn't have the NYPass for the Circle Line cruise.
nyc 180 nyc 191

 Around 7, the sky went dark and the lights from the city started sparkling.

nyc 195  nyc 203  nyc 231

And of course the Statue of Liberty, standing for our liberty and freedom!

nyc 224 

Great ride overall. After getting off, we rushed back to the subway to go all the way back downtown to Chinatown to go get some dinner.

 We didn't have the time to go to the Chinese restaurants we had planned, so we just went into a random Chinese restaurant.

We picked a random dumpling place and had some pretty good dumplings and noodles.

I was actually disappointed at the 'dumplings'…they were like…nasty.  Thankfully, the duck noodle soup I got was pretty good.  Oh well, it was a homey meal, and I was happy.

nyc 273  nyc 274

That's Joseph's chicken wonton soup. <sigh>

nyc 275

We ended up rushing all the way back up town to the Empire State Building to catch it before it closed at 10.

Boy, did we run like wild pigs.  The moment the subway doors opened, we dashed out of the station only to be lost in the streets.  Somehow from that angle it was impossible to see the Empire State building.  After running around aimlessly, we finally got a visual lock on a tall skyscraper!!!  We made it in time with just a few minutes to spare! Guns

Actually, it was this New York Sky Ride attraction that closed at 10 and we made it with 5 minutes left to spare.

And let me tell you…it was totally NOT worth rushing all the way there for. Here's me a little winded from our rushed trip from Chinatown to upper manhattan.

Joseph was not happy at all, kind of like when you wake him up too early in the morning…Furious

nyc 280 

The NY skyride was pretty much a simulated "Star Tours" type ride through Manhattan narrated by Kevin Bacon. What made it completely retarded was the fact that we occasionally warped through a wormhole through various parts of Manhattan and even ended up riding through FAO Schwartz and into the mouth of a shark. Even more stupid were the puns used. They even used a random Star Trek clip of 'beam me up' scottie.

Furious Furious Furious Furious Random and retarded are the only ways to describe the skyride. Furious Furious Furious Furious

Please, do not go or even walk near the Empire State…go buy me a boba instead!

And then after that, we ended up climbing to the top of the Empire State. Now, we were surprised that at 10:30 in the evening, people were still lining up to go up this thing, but we soon realized that after our wait at the bottom to get up, the elevator only took us up to the 80th floor where we soon realized there was an even LONGER line there. This was completely pwnd.

Yeah…totally pwnzors

Here are the people waiting in line to go up an elevator to the 86th floor. 

nyc 281

 Pictures are deceiving.  You have no idea how slow the line moved.  Heck, if I took another picture in the same position after 5 minutes, it would look exactly the same!

Even worse? There were these employees who, I swear must hate their job by now, tried selling to us these hand held listening devices that would give us a tour and tell us what we were looking at. So dumb. In the end, we got to the top, and the view was nice…

Yeah the view was nice, but honestly, waiting in line was just too frustrating.

nyc 287  nyc 289nyc 294 


We agreed that waiting in that line wasn't worth it. Here's what I thought of the whole Empire State Building experience.

nyc 292 

Guns In other words, we gave it four thumbs down. Guns

Getting back to Queens, Tina and Esther were still out for the night at a party, so Ethan and I had some dessert at Euro Delights at midnight.

nyc 296 

It was here, that Ethan decidedly insulted the food by telling the waitress that the cherry chocolate cake I ordered was disappointing. That was pretty hilarious. The waitress was so sad..LOL.

If I can't even be honest with a waitress, how can I ever be honest with the girl I like?  Wait, that didn't make any sense.  Anyway, the waitress asked how the desserts were (actually, she recommended the cherry chocolate cake to me), and I simply told her it wasn't good! Innocent

~ ~ ~ 

Anyway, Day 2 was finally over.  We didn't like the later half of the day Undecided.  If I could replan the NY trip, I would skip China town and the Empire State Building completely.  But hey…spending time with Joseph was way fun…and that's what this trip was about!

…and of course, running like wild pigs…simply priceless.Laughing

~ ~ ~


Thanks for reading!  Stay tuned for part 5: Day 3