Hunger Challenge Day 0

This is a continuation post from yesterday’s Hunger Challenge post. 

The Hunger Challenge officially begins tomorrow!  Without enough time to plan this out completely, I asked my friends what healthy and cheap ingredients I could survive on.  These were their suggestions, in order of most votes:

So off I went to Ranch 99 and Safeway (without coupons).  The first thing I realized was I was completely surrounded by ‘off limit items’, mainly junk foods and gourmet items.  However, even common ingredients such as beef ($5/lb), fruits ($2/lb) and soups ($2/can) easily crossed the limit!  Finding something within my budget was certainly not easy.

Here’s my final checkout…how did I do?


Ranch 99

18x eggs $3.69
5lbs Nectarines $2.66 (on super sale $0.49/lb!) 
Old fashioned oatmeal: $2.50
Peanut Butter $2.50
Brown rice $2.49
Wheat bread (2) $1.99
Crushed wheat $1.99
Bananas (10) $1.90 (added in later from Trader Joes)
Small bok choy (2) $1.86
Lentils $1.49
Green split peas $1.29
Egg Noodles: $1.19
Garlic $0.99
Chicken noodle soup: $0.74
Cream of mushroom $0.74
Brown onion $0.56
Total: $28.58 (If I eat it all up in a week, that’s ~$4.08/day)