Hunger Challenge Day 1

This is a continuation post from yesterday’s Hunger Challenge Day 0

Day 1 started off very rough with lots of temptations — I attended a lunch party full of savory Korean burritos and Tikka Masala basmati rice, followed by a friend’s aromatic home cooked Indian chicken curry dinner.  I absolutely considered giving up.

Day 1 meals

  • Breakfast ($0.27) : Oatmeal, banana
  • Lunch ($0.19): Cooked lentils & split peas 
  • Dinner ($1.02): Peanut butter sandwich, nectarine, banana
  • Total cost: $1.47 (31% of daily limit) 


  • Meals lacked flavor…will definitely need to explore adding better flavors!!!
  • Surprisingly underspent the $4.72 limit.  A possible change  is to incorporate meat or more wholesome ingredients.
Feeling good and looking forward to Day 2!